The oceans cover two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and are critical to life as we know it. Unfortunately for too long, humanity has taken them for granted, exploiting them in an unsustainable fashion and mistreating them beyond belief.

We have already lost half of the world's coral reefs and mangrove forests and maximized or depleted most commercial fish stocks. Every year, we dump eight million tons of plastic into the oceans.

The Blue Planet Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, creates powerful and compelling multimedia stories that document these excesses and offer solutions for a sustainable future—at a local, granular level—where our efforts can be documented and our success measured.

Parallel to this effort, we recognize the importance of investing in children—tomorrow’s leaders and stewards of the planet—and work globally promoting marine conservation, literacy, writing and science at schools for kids of all ages and backgrounds through presentations, books and workshops.

Our founders, Michael Patrick O’Neill and Vincent Kneefel have joined forces to leverage their expertise in visual storytelling, consulting, and education to make a difference in people’s lives and improve the health of our blue planet.

They’re up to the challenge. Why don’t you join them in this wonderful and rewarding adventure?